If you can dream it, We can Print it!  The future is NOW!

B3DPrint.com is the internet address for Bradenton 3D Printing LLC that was created in April of 2021.  Bradenton 3D Printing came to life when two friends, Cody Burrow and Shaun Lehoe, decided to invest in a 3D printer and check things out in the #D World.  They quickly developed a passion for the art and 1 printer turned into 10 quickly and they were in business.  Over time they began selling other items and have now become an international eSeller company with operations in 14 countries selling through Etsy, Amazon and Walmart.  They still love 3D printing so stop in a take a look around, if there is something you want that we don't have simply drop us a message and we can print anything you can dream up.
Cody and Shaun